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What are all of the possible color and style combinations that you offer?

*Remember* You can order more than one type of cooler color! Color changes granted for every 100 coolies ordered (two colors available for every 100 coolers so 200 coolies means up to 4 colors!)

What are my choices of ink?

White, Black, Gray, Purple, Navy, Blue, Forrest Green, Yellow, Red, SILVER* and GOLD* and your choice (a special blend of colors YOU select at NO ADDITIONAL charge)!
* 10 cents extra/koozie

How do I create an order from start to finish?

Step 1-> Choose your cooler style: flexible fabric can fit, foam can-fit, glass bottle slip-on or tall bottle slip-on (please note: foam coolie are only available to fit cans, our flexible fabric cosy fit cans, glass bottles AND tall glass bottles!)

Step 2-> Choose your art: We have a wide variety of art in stock that is available to our customers at no additional charge! Modify some of our available artwork (for a small fee) or tell us what you’re interested in and have our art department create something specifically for you (a one time fee no matter how many modifications we make there after!) You can always submit your own art at no additional cost as long as it meets our artwork requirements.

Step 3-> Completing the order form: Click on our Order Now button to continue to our online order form. The form will take you step by step through each of the decisions above and follow through with information regarding shipping and advise as to any additional charges your order may have accrued (i.e. multiple colored coolies in one order, screen printing charges, etc.).

After you have revised and confirmed your order you will be prompted to finalize your order. At this point you have completed the initial order process. Shortly thereafter you will receive a confirmation email that contains your order reference number. Any further communication regarding your order will be made using this reference number for both your convenience and ours. Artwork proofs can be expected several weeks before your order is due. Please make sure you have given a valid email address you check consistently as this will be our main form of communication from here on out.

*Any order requiring any additional charges to your account (i .e. additional artwork charge, additional coolies ordered, etc.) will not be proceed unless we have received confirmation by the customer to proceed with both the order and additional charge.

What are my artwork options?

$0.00: We have a wide variety of artwork available to our clientele. You can choose one of these designs and modify only the date and/or name (please note, this does not include changing font, text size, etc.).


Use our Word Art Form. You will provide us with high resolution artwork that meets our size requirements. We will not have to modify your artwork at all.

$15.00: Choose some of our available artwork. Modify parts of the picture, change fonts, angles, styles of text. Delete parts of the picture. Use two pieces of art (for double-sided coolies). Re-size the artwork you’ve sent us. Slightly modify the artwork you sent us. Please describe any modifications to the artwork in the description box provided on the order form. If we need to make changes that you have not listed we will notify you as to any extra charges (if there are any) and will proceed once we have received your acceptance and confirmation of this charge (i.e. re-size the artwork you provided, change a font style you provided, etc.)

$35.00: You tell us what you want and we design it. Our artwork department would be more than happy to receive a description of the type of art your interested in and design it for you. In this situation after receiving the email/fax describing your art we put together a proof for you. For this part we will be in close contact until we have finalized the artwork. Once we have designed the artwork we will not charge you for further modifications (if you want to change the font, move an arm position, etc.)

What are the possible additional fees?

Artwork: $0.00 – $35.00 depending on the type of artwork you choose (see choosing artwork)
Screen Printing: $40 for all first time orders, $20 if this is a repeat order (within one year, no changes to art), no charge if you are ordering blank coolers
Double sided printing: additional $0.20/coolie
Mixed Color Coolers: $10
Standard Shipping: Shipping prices are for every 100 coosies. If you order 12-100, for example, the cost is $ . 101 – 200 would then be $ ,charged as though you are shipping 200.
Rush Shipping: Depending upon the rush and where it is going, there are various additional shipping fees.
Do you send samples?

We will send you a package that contains a sample of each of our four coolie styles. Please use our Product Sampler order form or click below on Cooler Sampler. The cost is just $4 to request our sampler pack!

Coolie Sampler

When will I receive my order?

You will receive your order on or several days before the date you indicated when placing your order.

What are the advantages to foam vs. flexi fabric?

Foam Coolies: stand up on their own, they are more durable

I need my order right away. What are my options?

Following we have several rush options available:

How can I be sure your order form is secure? Are there any other options beside email?

What is the minimum number of coolies I can order?

You can order a minimum of just 15 coolies !

I’m ordering both foam coolies and flexi fabric. Do I need to pay 2 screen charges?

Yes, we do need to charge you for each type of cooler as the machine for foam coolies is entirely different from that of the flexi fabric.

Do you sell plain coolers?

We have coolies without artwork available for purchase as well! The cost per cooler is the same but you do not incur the cost of the screening or the artwork.

I need to cancel/reduce my order. What fees can I expect?

The fee is $0.10/coozie for reducing the amount of or cancelling an order.

I want to order my coolies in various colors, can I?

For every 100 coolies you order you can choose between two colors. For example, if you order 100 coolers you can mix and match coolie colors (not ink colors) between two different colors. If you order 200, you can mix and match between 4!