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River trips


Summer time is the perfect time to plan a river trip with your friends and family! There really is no better way to kick off summer than by taking a river trip. Whether you are planning to canoe, kayak, or simply go tubbing, river trips are awesome in the summer! A river trip in a canoe, kayak, SUPing board, raft, inner tube is a great experience with your family or friends, group or couples retreat. Get away from the grind at home and plan a river trip! Dip your toes in the fun-filled waters with your favorite beer in hand!
One of our favorite activities to do in the summer is to float on the river! Tubing is the definition of relaxing. Who doesn’t enjoy sipping their favorite beer, while getting a cute little tan? And because we go tubing every year, we are sort of experts in the tubing world, here is a list of things you will need to make your upcoming tubing experience a total success:

1. Sunblock – Um, yes sir! You will need boat loads of sunblock. If you are planning a tubing trip at the peak of summer, then for sure, absolutely, take as much sun block as you can!
2. Sunglasses! Don’t let the sun ruin your eyes!
3. Camera – do you have a waterproof camera? If so, absolutely take it!
4. You need a river map! I’m talking about an old-schooled-paper-river map. Your smart phone will not cut it!
5. Take a snorkel and mask! You know what lurks at the bottom of the river? Of course, you don’t! We don’t either! What a great opportunity to find out what is under there!
6. River shoes – Don’t let your feet suffer!
7. Down-to-earth company – I know this is self explanatory – but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who surround themselves with BAD company! And believe us, you don’t want to be surrounded with bad company on this very particular day!
8. You need BEER! Summer and Beer are two peas in a pod. Beer is the ultimate necessity to make your trip even more memorable!

9. And of course, you will need to get your Floatin’ The River While Killin’ My Liver custom koozies! Keep your drink cold with our custom koozies! Float the river knowing that your drink will be frosty! Looking for beer bottle coozies? Can koozies? We have every koozie style you need! Got an idea in mind? Check out our art studio and unleash the artist in you! Don’t know what you want? No worries! Let the experts come up with something unique and wonderful JUST for you!