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Birthday Custom Coolie - 40 Like A Fine Wine She Improves With Age - I Survived Pam-A-Palooza

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This is not going to be a common birthday celebration- you definitely need birthday coolies. She's turning 40 and she has never looked so gorgeous, it's party time guys! Get all together with good food, good music and cold beers to have the amazing birthday celebration that she deserves. Are you planning some fun and nice details to light it up? Then this is the right website for you, as coolies are the perfect choice when it comes to original, handsome and practical party favors. Have happy guests and so, a successful event with these irresistible customized beer coolies that keep your drinks at the right temperature for longer, while your guests eat, laugh, chat and drink with no rush. The word "comfort" gets a new meaning when you describe the feeling of holding your beer in a soft and dry cooler, so there's no time to lose! Browse around our custom coolie site and find the perfect party favor for her. What about this coolie template we present you here? "Like a Fine Wine She Improves With Age" and "I Survived (name)'s A Palooza", isn't it amazing? And this coosie ink and color combination is striking! One of the coolest attributes of beer coosies is that you can suit them to your liking, so feel free to choose your own colors, fonts and images and once you're done submit and get a free coosie proof in less than an hour. There's more: you will confirm your coosie order only when you are totally certain of it. On her 40th birthday drink and survive her A-Palooza in style!

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