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Birthday Custom Coolie - Name's 60th Birthday Bash - Date

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Aren’t you a smarty, looking to order birthday coolies. Her 60th birthday is coming soon and such a special woman deserves all the love you can give, so plan a huge birthday party and surprise her with simple but touching details, like our custom birthday coolies. Coolies light your celebration up for they are striking party favors that catch your guests' attention at first sight, and that's not all! Beer coolies are also responsible of keeping your drinks at the right temperature and your hands safe from cold and damp. Coolies mean fun, but they mean comfort too, that's why everybody loves them! Are you looking for good quality at the best prices? This is the web site for you! We are proud of offering only the best designing and printing service and our coozie prices are unbeatable. Browse around and check out our wide selection of birthday coolies… hers is here! And how do you like this template we present you here? "(Name)'s 60th Birthday Bash" and the date on the other side. This is a simple but elegant cozy that she surely will love. Order these awesome coolies now by filling the form above with a very detailed description and upload any files in case of adding a new element. Do you have any questions about our coolers? It will be a pleasure to us giving you a friendly hand on your coosie creation. Are you interested in glass bottle coolies? No problem, we have the correct coosie for every kind of container in different materials, such as neoprene, flexi fabric and zipper fabric. Are you ready? Go ahead and get your free art proof of your coozies now!

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