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Baby Shower Custom Coolie - Little Man On His Way... - Tiny Hand & Tiny Feet A Precious Baby We Can't Wait To Meet It

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Little Man Is On His Way - Baby Shower Custom Coolies

Are you a proud parent? Are you expecting a little man? Then you must be happy and anxious to meet that little round face. Celebrate the blessings in your life with a big baby shower where relatives and friends will join you to toast to the new sunshine about to come. If you are thinking of custom coolies as your baby shower favors then you are smart mom and dad, because coolies are the special touch you are looking for and your guests will simply love them for their practicality and originality. Coolies keep your drinks icy cold while you chat and laugh and no worries about hands soaked by condensation. At we are proud of offering only best quality products and a customer service that will surprise you. Our prices? They're the lowest on the market! Welcome to our web site; browse around and check out the beautiful baby shower coolies we can offer you. There's a koozie for every style and liking, so find yours! What about this template: "Little Man Is on His Way" and on the other side: "Tiny Hand & Tiny Feet, A Precious Baby We Can't Wait to Meet!" This poetical style is simply irresistible, don't you think? Confirm our design, choose a different image or another color so that you coolies suit your bash style; then just fill the form above with your directions, mentioning if you need coolies for beer cans or others and don't forget to pick the material of your preference.

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