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Relay For Life - Charity Custom Coolers

Are you ready to stay up all night, walking with your loved ones and new friends? It’s going to be so much fun, and it’s for a great cause. You already are sporting matching team Tees, why not Relay for Life Coolers? These awesome beer coolers will keep your drinks cold and your hand warm all night long. Our products are the best quality Coolers on the web and customer service is our number one priority. It will be our real pleasure giving you a hand on your coosie creation. We guarantee that you will love your charity Cooler design. Do you need a little coosie advice? No worries! Let our experts work hand on hand with you until you get the perfect customized charity Cooler. If you already have a design, it's very simple, just fill our form with a detailed description of your coolies; mention your material and coosie style, so you can order beer can coolies made in neoprene foam or glass bottle coosies made in zipper fabric, for instance. Upload the logo of your charity group and any other image, vignette, etc that you want to incorporate to your coolies; submit and preview your coolies in only one hour later and confirm your order only when you are 100% satisfied with the final result.

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